Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The hotel surrounds us

I look out from great - wild - unknowable
cavernous plains 
see stained cream canvas an sky
breathe deep upon
my rituals
sadness from sleep
scrubbed at 
coffee - marihuana - toast an butter
I walk past a hollowed out
ashen eyed meth-hole
dead face youth
an a man
in a horrible car
passes slow enough to see his greasy
the narratives have spoken .. blood drippin from the lips
The light is formidable and the can of beans grin cold sweat beads on my brow..
I make it back
back to the room

I look at my bed
there is a black vortex the shape of my body
I step in
one leg
and another

close the lid.

Monday, 7 July 2014

the way it happens every God-damn day

caught my brain/
stoning my soul/
I chastised
till the voice came hollow
then faded
and my face
from the puddle


Give me
real-life moments
that hurt
cos they're so damn
Give me laughter
in the face
of pain
Give me all-encompassing
that fade to
rise again -the
hope in a million brokens
Give me a smile
that cuts like
knife blade
Give me sincerity

There's the easy way
The hard way
The only way
- sometimes hardest of all