Thursday, 19 June 2014


(And they shall dry up and crack like burnt clay)

Because you hit her in your sleep
and thought the devil was coming
to get ya
Because you try every morning
and by lunchtime you are drunk
Because when everyone dissapears
you're left smiling in and out with reality
of light
Because when walls close in
new rooms emerge
and meth-amphetamine
may eat your soul 
Because you were a philosopher
at six years old
Because all six year olds are 
Because the old men are dying
before television sets
and thats the way it is
Because the young are brimming
with sickness stupidity
and hunger
and that's the way it is
Because I counted with you
six thousand and fourty three
cigarette butts
between the sex shop and hotel
and most of them were emptied
of their remnants
our minds are racing
our feet pacing
and our asses 
stuck in traffic
Because we are reptile
Because we are sleeping Gods
Because we are sleeping
Because of the dreams
Because we are sleeping
Because we ripped ourselves
inside out under the night-sky
screaming for sanctuary
from whispered demons
and praying for womb
til there was nothing left
and so 
started again
Because I loved you
Because we are confused
and terrified
and delighted to be this way
Because of the relentless day and night
fall and rising
like the breath of zeitgeist
growing cold
Because of heart-strings
 - memories
and the tears of a thousand agonies
Because the river flows still
and the children thirst duststorms
in the mouths of babes
on ricketed legs
Because - the Whore of television
Because apathy is sexy
Because there is no reason only madness
Because there is no other way
Because it's all there is
Because we don't know why
Because we don't know

Because of the eternal golden mountain lions of your heart!

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