Wednesday, 3 September 2014

What would a poem say about today - these times
what's left or even what's beginning  (?
O - what if the walls we Don't see
and prophesied a
Burning Landslide on your
mansion - would you move (?
Would you even blink an eye (?
Would you check the time
times seventy divided
by twenty
I'll crash dive to bend state's in the mire
Light candles and grow by night
Mantra my soul on spirit-check
Mis-place marbles in the soup
Dig on the heartbeat of life - (!)
O -
but nothing for the landslide
Your fears birthed fears @
terror down diluted
O - an pray you find
the bigger the pain
the closer the teacher
teacher's of
lessons to be learned
or drowned
in Seroquel  Lexapro  Clonazepam
Olanzapine Temazepam
next step for you Doc
Die now - Dream later schisms
Kid's on Prozac
are coming at it
coming too it
walking through it
Almost dead already because You
nearly killed em
or did ((A singular molecule Ego-trip
an now the whisper's faded...
Face the music
of yo electric-head
- Or tell me
... What would a poem say about tomorrow (?

And who the fuck would
write it


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